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Welcome to Hangzhou Blue Sky Technology Co Ltd


The company built the site purpose is to let everyone know the company's products and understood the origin and purpose. The company's former D Zhejiang Posts and Telecommunications Administration under the Institutional Unit: "Zhejiang Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications." After the baptism of the market economy, I have scientific and technical personnel to play a greater ability, through various channels set up instinctively related companies. So I set up a research and development postal machinery products. This is the origin of the company.
Our current flagship is the letter over stamp machine, due to over-92-type letter stamp machine in 92 years development and production of (former provincial Youke the development and production) is difficult to adapt to the market. By letter variety, varieties messy. It has not adapt to the current variety of letters. Today's rapidly changing, a new variety of devices and processing equipment has changed. So there is no reason not to poke through the machine Letter fundamental change. Meanwhile, the current staff to maintain machinery and equipment is also greatly reduced. Therefore, the product to achieve the most simplistic, allowing the operator to see the problem, to solve the problem. Scientists must make great efforts to solve the problem. So I had to poke with a modular machine production of spare parts, one to one way to solve a problem in use, greatly improve machine utilization. Avoid resting machine phenomenon. While also addressing the high cost of maintenance issues. This is the company through a letter stamp machine transformation purposes.

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